Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Here is a picture of the bedding we picked out for Avery. The bedding is baby pink, hot pink & sage accented with ladybugs. It's adorable!! Ever since finding this bedding I have been obsessed with ladybugs. I think her room will be very cozy once it's all here and set up. Her daddy and I are still working on cleaning out the "office" so it can be her room soon. We have officially said that Avery's room will be ready on July 1st!! We'll see. I will post some pictures of her room when all her furniture arrives and everything is set up.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

...It's a GIRL!!!

Well, it's official!! It's a GIRL!! She did a great job of giving us a "birds eye view" of her goods today during the sonogram. I was told to drink a Sprite before my visit. Supposedly this gets the baby moving around and boy did she move. Mrs. Cheryl (the sonographer) was chasing her all over my belly to get good measurments. =) She weighs about 11 ounces and is around the size of a big tomato.

I arrived at the doctor's office at about 2:45 for my appointment and they took me right back. Mrs. Cheryl poked and prodded me for about 15 minutes taking good measurments of her head, crown to rump, heart beat (150), etc. She asked if we wanted to find out the sex of the baby and I said yes, but wanted to wait until Ben was in there so we could find out together. So, she called him back there and showed us a picture of her "hiney" and her little "vajay vajay". We both cried!! I could have sworn I was having a BOY all this time. Guess I was wrong.

After Ben & I found out they called my mom and Mrs. Sally back to the room so they could have a look at the sonogram. They were both very excited when they found out their grandchild is a girl. We looked at her for what seemed like forever. She was very active and kept us entertained for awhile. I am just so amazed at modern technology and what you can see these days.

My next appointment is just a belly check up on May 8th and my next ultrasound is scheduled for June 5th.

Keep praying that we stay healthy and keep growing!! =)

It's a GIRL!!!

Foot/Leg & Spine

Look at that sweet face!!!

Profile & 3D image

Profile & 3D image

Feet & Arm