Thursday, June 5, 2008

June Doctor's Appointment

I had my June doctor's appointment today and everything is going great. Besides my hormones constantly being in overdrive, I have had a very good pregnancy so far. My appointment was at 8AM for an ultrasound and a glucose test which checks for gestational diabetes. I was not in the waiting room for very long when I was called back to give blood. I had strict instructions to fast since midnight the night before. The nurse took my "fasting" blood, then I had to drink an orange, thick drink which reminded me of a thicker Sunkist drink. It did not taste as bad as I thought it would. =) I looked at my watch and it was exactly 8:13AM. I was told I had to come back in exactly one hour at 9:13AM to give my second round of blood that would later be sent off to compare the two sets. My test results should be in this afternoon or tomorrow morning. If it comes back positive then I have to schedule another appointment where I will have to go through all this again, plus they will take blood 4 times instead of two. No news is good news, so I hope my blood comes back negative.

Avery was very active for the ultrasound today. She is already so adorable and has the perfect little nose!! =) She weighs in at 2 lbs 7 oz. and is 28 weeks old. They could not measure her length since she is in a ball, but she is about the size of a head of cauliflower. Her heartbeat was in the 140's which is good for a girl. It looks like she will have big feet. She was kicking the entire time her picture was being taken. My next appointment is July 3, 2008 which will just be a regular check-up. Dr. Hall will measure my belly and check her heartbeat. After my July appointment I will be going for check-ups every two weeks until she decides to make her debut. Please keep praying that she stays healthy and keeps growing.

Here are her pictures from today: